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Make a Funky No-Sew Hat from a T-Shirt

Updated: May 9

Welcome back, makers! Today we will be crafting our own DIY no-sew hats!

This no-sew tutorial is perfect for any age group, as long as you’re comfortable tying knots. All you need is an old t-shirt (or any other kind of stretchy fabric… we love fleece!) to create this hat, and it will keep you warm all winter!

boy wearing no-sew hat

This no-sew hat project is one of our tried and true favorites to do with kids - most recently, it was a hit at our winter Arctic Adventure camp, and in my after school Sewing and Fiber class. Sign up for the “Master Weavers'' week at our summer Makertopia camp to do this project and so much more with textiles!

Kids in my Sewing and Fiber class with their new no-sew hats!
Kids in my Sewing and Fiber class with their new hats!


  • An old t-shirt or another piece of stretchy fabric. If you are using a regular piece of fabric, skip to step 3 in the instructions.

  • Soft measuring tape. If you don’t have soft measuring tape, just use a piece of non-stretch string and measure it with a ruler.

  • Fabric scissors

  • Marker or Sharpie

  • Ruler

Materials to make t-shirt no-sew hats

No-Sew Hat Instructions:

  • Lay out your t-shirt. Through the front and back, cut across the chest from armpit to armpit. Now you should have a rectangular tube of fabric.

  • Cut open one side of the tube. Unfold fabric and lay it out flat. 

  • Identify which direction your fabric’s stretch goes. A t-shirt’s stretch is usually horizontal. If the fabric is stretchy both ways, just choose the more stretchy direction. 

  • Measure your head with the measuring tape. 

measuring head for no-sew hat

  • Mark and cut your fabric into a rectangle according to your head measurement. The longer side will be along the direction of the stretch. 

    • 19” head: 22” (stretch) x 13”

    • 20” head: 22.5” (stretch) x13.5”

    • 21” head: 23” (stretch) x 14.5”

    • 22” head: 23.5” (stretch) x 15”

    • 23” head: 24” (stretch) x 16”

  • Fold your rectangle in half longways (hot dog-style).

fold t-shirt in half

  • Through both layers, cut ½” x 5” fringes along the short sides.

  • Pull each fringe so that it stretches in size.

Stretching the fringe

  • Double knot the fringe together. 

  • Trim the fringe to your desired length and you’re all done! Keep the trimmings to stuff a bunny plushie!

Trim the fringe

  • Take your new hat for a spin!

Two students wearing their funky no-sew hats

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