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After School Programs
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Let us bring the Maker fun to your school!


We partner with local schools and community centers to bring after-school art and STEM enrichment classes to you. Our programs are curated with a creative learning twist blending STEM topics for kids K - 8th grade. 

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Our Curriculum


Our Maker Art curriculum offers children a unique blend of exploratory STEM and art education. We combone creative concpets with strong technical foundation, introducing children to an array or tools, mediums and technology.


At our core, we are on a mission to inspire children to realize they don't have to make a choice between creativity and technology. We believed the the incredible beauty that emerges when these two worlds come together harmoniously. Explore our diverse range f Maker Art programming tracks today!


Our Offerings

Our team will come onsite with all material for each program's offerings.  We are adaptable and can work with almost any space constraints, as long as we have a space to work. 

AFTER SCHOOL & ONLINE  Our classes are usually 1hr -1.5hrs long and focus on our Maker Arts curriculum.

ENHANCED CURRICULUM  We collaborate with educators and classroom teachers to create tailored programs that fit the program needs of the school blending Art & STEM. 

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Creative Explores

K – 2nd Grade 

Science of Making 

Through the process of experimentation and tinkering, students will learn about physics and engineering


Your Inner Artis

Explore new materials and art topics as you uncover your inner artist.


Makers Art

1st – 5th Grade 

The Art of Painting

Explore the process and techniques of painting using a variety of paint mediums, including watercolor, tempera, and acrylic, to unleash the imagination


Sensory Art 

Students explore a variety of sensory play art activities while developing their motor skills through new materials and investigative skills.

Mix Media Makers 

3rd – 7th Grade 

Loom Lab / Textile Arts

Students will experiment with material processes and craftsmanship techniques to create unique, usable pieces of art that embody each artists’ expression.


Resin Studio Play

A fun hands-on class for kids to create, make, and explore the art of playing with Resin and other fun tactile mediums.

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Design Engineer

3rd - 6th Grade

Textile & Engineers

Students will explore the intersection of fiber arts and technology through hands-on activities with conductive circuits and e-textiles.


Game Design

Students will learn how to create their own Roblox Games for others to play

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