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How to Make a Superhero Shield

Updated: May 8

Welcome back, parents and educators! Today we will be exploring a project that has been a big hit in our Superhero Science classes, and which will soon return for our summer Maker-topia Camp: DIY Superhero Shields!

Today, we have a project that is sure to spark the imagination of every young hero in your care. With just a few simple materials, and a whole lot of creativity, you and your kids will be set to save the world! These shields can be adorned in the style of your little one’s hero alter ego, and used over and over again for playing pretend!

This project has proven to be a hit in my Superhero Science class, and will make a comeback this summer at our Maker-topia STEM Adventure Camp! It perfectly blends the joy of artistic expression with a dash of engineering ingenuity: while it primarily focuses on coloring and decoration, it also provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to some basic principles of building. Keep reading to see how you can inspire the superheroes of tomorrow!


Materials for DIY Shields


Think about what you want your superpower to be. With that idea in mind, decorate the front of your shield.

Cut your other piece of cardboard into a rectangle of about 12 in x 3 in. This will be the arm strap.

Punch a hole in each end of the arm strap using the hole puncher, then fold it as pictured below. It should look like a mountain. 

Lay the arm strap onto the back of the shield and mark where the holes are. Make sure that the strap is oriented up and down, so that the top is at the top of your shield. Leave some space to slip your wrist into the strap. Using a pencil, poke holes into the spots you just marked.

From the front, insert a paper fastener through both holes. Open and lay flat the two tabs to attach securely. Repeat with the other side. For extra security, tape down the tabs!

Let’s gather our supplies and get started! There’s no time like the present to save the world!

A finished shield for electricity power!

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