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Troll House - Trolls Band Together

Updated: May 20

It’s my daughter's 4th birthday, and she is obsessed with the new Trolls movie, Trolls Band Together. So, I wanted to create some fun Troll-inspired crafts for her birthday party activities. This is a playful interpretation of our Maker Studio Fairy House project, which we often do in our camps and birthday party packages. Drawing inspiration from scenes in the Trolls movie, here's how to create a Troll house for your next birthday party, inspired by the groovy, colorful, and psychedelic colors of that world!

Trolls Fairy Houses

My inspiration:

Materials - Troll House:

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Pro tip: I always opt for products that are easy for kids to use, minimizing the need for hot glueing. I prefer self-adhesive projects whenever possible. Trust me; it will save you time during the activity, especially if there are a handful of kids under the age of 8. "Work smarter, not harder" is my motto!

Trolls Fairy House Materials

Other Troll must-haves to create the perfect Trolls Birthday:


  1. Start by selecting your wood base and let your kiddo plan out where they want to place their cone.

  2. Next, begin decorating the toilet paper tube. There are endless possibilities here. I used green felt as my background color, while my daughter used washi tape to decorate it. You can also use the paint sticks to color it.

  3. Use stickers or gems to add a little sparkle. I added foam stickers to give it a groovy effect!

  4. Use a hot glue gun to secure the tube in place once done.

  5. Now, let’s add moss and moss rocks.

  6. I used recycled tiles to create a walkway.

  7. Let your creativity flow; perhaps you can create a swing or doorway. Anything is possible!

  8. Don't forget to place your characters into their new troll home!

Trolls Fairy House

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