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Here Comes the Sun Spring Break Camp!

Updated: May 9

Ahh, can you feel it? The sweet melody of birdsong, the vibrant hues of blooming flowers, and a buzz of excitement at Maker Studio Kidz as we prepare for our Here Comes the Sun Spring Break camp! Join us on April 15-19 for a whimsical adventure through the marvels of springtime, where we are exploring the elements - air, animals, plants, colors, and sunshine - that make this season so magical!

A colorful laminated fish bookmark
Join us to make your own fish bookmark!

Prepare to unleash your creativity and join us to make playful crafts, perform exciting experiments, and explore the wonders of our natural world! Every morning, we will come together in a painting session inspired by that day’s topic, guided by a professional painter. After lunch outdoors, we will return to the classroom to create delightful crafts inspired by nature’s bounty! 

Curious to know what’s in store? Keep reading for a detailed daily itinerary!

Here Comes the Sun Spring Camp Schedule and Activities:

Monday, April 15: Air
DIY wind chimes
Wind Chimes

Feel that? Spring is blowing in on a warm breeze, and today we kick off our journey with a symphony of wind-inspired creations! From wind chimes to miniature windmills, we’ll harness the power of the air in our imaginative masterpieces!

Tuesday April 16:
California Wildlife

Animals are emerging from their dens and welcoming new babies into the world! This is the perfect time to learn about California wildlife, from sea lions to hummingbirds to the elusive mountain lion! Dive deep into the ocean with sea life paintings, sculpt adorable newts, and craft fish-themed bookmarks to finish off our animal adventures.

Paper newts
Colorful Paper Newts
Wednesday, April 17: California Plants

The Bay Area is home to hundreds of native species of plants! As new buds appear, let’s celebrate the important role that they play in our ecosystem. Join us for a plant scavenger hunt, create stunning flower prints, and even arm yourselves with seed bombs to spread the beauty of nature wherever you go!

Thursday, April 18:
Spring Colors

Get ready to be dazzled by the kaleidoscope of colors that spring has to offer! Let your creativity bloom as we create delicate coffee filter flowers, experiment with natural dyes, and treat ourselves to homemade fruit-filled popsicles!

Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Flowers
Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Flowers

Friday, April 19: Sunshine

As our camp draws to a close, let’s bask in the golden rays of the sun one last time! Today, we will create art inspired by the shadows all around us, cyanotype sun prints, and our own colorful petal-filled suncatchers. Let’s take advantage of this last day together and create a spectacular array of sun-kissed masterpieces!

A heart-shaped suncatcher

Spring Break Camp Logistics: 

Join us for a week of laughter, learning, and springtime creativity at our Here Comes the Sun camp!

Location: Alta Vista School at 450 Somerset St, San Francisco.

Dates: April 15-19. Come for the whole week, or just opt for drop in days! 

Ages: 5-11

Click here to secure your spot at Here Comes the Sun Camp!

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