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Science of Sound Camp... A Teaser!

Updated: May 9

Spring break is just around the corner, and that means our Science of Sound Camp is coming up at Maker Studio Kidz! During this week of discovery, we will go on a journey together through the most important elements of sound, learning about human and animal communication, sound vibrations, rhythm and pitch, and so much more!

Throughout the week, campers will perform experiments, build noisemakers, learn the basics of sound recording, and even create their own musical instruments. Plus, we have a special treat planned - a visit from a real-life sound engineer to our studio location! 

Keep reading to learn more about what we will be doing each day.

Science of Sound poster

Science of Sound Camp Schedule and Activities:

Monday 4/8: 

Today, we’ll start thinking about human hearing and speech. Through experimentation, we’ll discover how we perceive sounds, and how we communicate. From an introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) to building Chladni Plates to visualize sound vibrations, this day promises to be lots of fun!

Tuesday 4/9:

Discover the wonders of animal sound perception! Among other things, we will be creating amplified ears to step into the shoes of deer and other creatures, and playing an exciting echolocation game

Amplified Ears
Amplified Ears

Wednesday 4/10: 

Put your newfound knowledge to the test as we create our own noisemakers and explore the realms of music and rhythm. Today we will craft our very own kazoos and drums and let the music flow!

Decorated Kazoos
Decorated Kazoos!

Thursday 4/11:

Let’s continue our exploration of sound by creating more noisemakers and starting to learn the basics of sound recording. Along with creating our own rainsticks, we will paint vinyl records for wall hangings!


Friday 4/12: 

Let’s go out with a bang! Using everything we’ve learned this week, we will design our own instruments using recycled materials. We’ll also practice doing foley for homemade stop-motion videos, and at our Maker Studio Kidz location, will have a very special presentation from a real-life sound engineer!

Hope to see you at our Science of Sound Camp!


Location: Our Science of Sound Camp will be held at two convenient locations in San Francisco: Alta Vista School at 450 Somerset St, and our cozy studio at 800a Octavia Street. Both sites will feature the same curriculum facilitated by our talented Maker Studio Kidz instructors.

Dates: April 8-12. Come for the whole week, or just opt for drop in days! 

Ages: 5-11

Click here to secure your spot at Science of Sound Camp!

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