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Exciting new Fall classes & workshops at the studio!

Hi Makers! We are excited to share our exciting new Fall classes & workshops with you. As summer comes to an end, we are looking forward to creating together for the rest of this year filled with our maker magic!

Let's get SLIMEY at Sensory Science Makers!

Put on your safety goggles and join our Sensory Science Makers for some messy experiments in our Makers Lab.

Let’s explore the intersection of making, mixing, and molecular bonds that establish the foundation for making everyday products like toothpaste or sunblock. So if you like playing and tactile sensory learning, then this class is made for you.

We will navigate fun experiments and utilize all 5 of our senses. Science and Art projects include creating new scents, non-Newtonian fluids, exploring natural colors, and experimenting with 6 types of slime. We let our students' imaginations fly through exploration of their world of sensory input and perceptions.


Knit, sculpt, and sew at Totally Textile Makers!

Transcend into a world of color, texture, and imagination in our Textile Arts program.

Students will experiment with materials, proce

sses, and craftsmanship techniques to create unique, usable pieces of art while creating one-of-a-kind yarn art, weaving, and soft sculpture projects.

The Totally Textile Makers program will introduce students of varying skill levels to easy-to-follow projects that allow for endless possibilities of individual creativity and practical knowledge.

Learning these skills will enhance students' focus, dedication, and knowledge of color through its rich history.


Express yourself! With bold & colorful collages.

Let’s make a statement with creative & bold collages. Use art to express yourself so your voice and ideas can be heard!

Collaging is a limitless activity for your imagination and creativity to be expressed.

Inspired by artists like Barbara Kruger and Corita Kent, you can create items like:

  • Posters

  • Pins

  • Flags

  • Pennant

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