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Andy Warhol Banana Split Clay Painting

Updated: May 10

Have you ever clay-painted before? If not, you’ve come to the right place! Clay painting is a great sensory, mixed-media activity that will get your kids thinking outside of the box. Just add some air-dry clay to paper and smear it around with your fingers to create an immediate masterpiece! 

Today, we have a simple beginner clay painting activity that is inspired by one of the great minds of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol! Use yellow and black clay to replicate his famous banana print, and explore the clay medium in a whole new way. For more fun, take inspiration from our upcoming POP-tastic Creations summer camp and turn it into a banana split!

Clay Painting Materials

Materials for Andy Warhol-inspired Banana Split Clay Painting


Trace the outline of your banana split onto the paper with a pencil or white marker.

Sketch for Andy Warhol-inspired Banana Split Clay Painting

Fill in the big areas with your main colors. Make sure to use your fingers to press the clay thin and spread it into all the corners of your design.

Add accents! For the banana, look at a picture of Andy Warhol’s famous banana print and try to match the black pieces. If you’re making a banana split, add a cherry or sprinkles!

Andy Warhol-inspired banana split clay painting

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