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Spring DIY Crafts

Spring is in the air! And we are here to share with you some of our latest inspired crafts for this season!

Flower Power Collage

This colorful groovy collage is inspired by the flower power designs of the 60s. This is a simple craft to create with a powerful impact!

What you'll need:

  • Origami Paper

  • Glue Stick

  • Card stock Paper (any size)

  • Scissors

  • Circle Stickers

  • Frame (optional)

  1. You will trace a flower shape on the origami paper and cut it out. You will repeat this until you have enough flowers to cover the whole piece of paper.

  2. Start gluing your flowers however you would like to arrange them on the paper, the goal is to make sure the whole paper is covered with colorful flowers.

  3. You can layer as many flowers as you want on top of each other, you can maker smaller flower shapes to layer on as well, whatever your creative mind wants to do!

  4. Add circle stickers to the middle of your flowers to give it the flower power groovy look.

  5. If you are feeling fancy, you can find a frame for your flower design and display it for all your friends to admire! Happy creating!

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