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November Art Studio Wrap-Up: Crafting Memories and Embracing Creativity!

Updated: May 16

Greetings, Artful Adventurers!

As the colorful leaves of November fall away, we find ourselves wrapped in the cold embrace of December. Maker Studio Kidz is thrilled to recount the vibrant journey we've embarked upon this past month and provide a glimpse into the artistic wonders awaiting you in the days to come. Join us as we reflect on the creative escapades that filled our studio and anticipate the artistic marvels that December has in store!

Dazzling Studio Masterpieces!

Our studio has been a bustling hub of imagination and innovation, led by the creative genius of our Maker Studio Art Instructors. November witnessed a fusion of art and science in our STEAM-based learning, encompassing a diverse array of skills such as sewing, building, crafting, painting, and fundamental design concepts. Each passing week brought forth unique projects, pushing the boundaries of innovative thinking and artistic prowess among our students.

Curious about our studio classes? Click here to discover more and stay tuned for the unveiling of upcoming class offerings.

There’s No Place like HoliCamp!

The enthusiasm from our Makers Building Camp and Feast and Friends Makerz Camp spilled over into November, offering a plethora of creative adventures and explorations. From hand-crafting to stop-motion animation and diving into building experiments, our holiday camps provided an immersive dive into the realm of STEM. And guess what? The adventure persists into December!

Upcoming Holiday Camp:

  • December 18-22nd: Great Wilderness Arctic STEM Adventure Camp

Secure your spot now for our upcoming Holiday Camps! Sign up here to embark on another thrilling Maker Studio Kidz adventure.

Alta Vista Workshops: Wall Drawing Project and Resin Extravaganza

In a collaboration, Alta Vista School students and our skilled instructors joined forces for the Wall Drawing Project. The result was a vibrant tapestry of youthful exuberance and seasoned creativity, turning our walls into a visual symphony of collaboration.

We also hosted an exclusive Resin Workshop in partnership with Alta Vista School. Under expert guidance, students crafted stunning resin pieces, from personalized letters to intricate jewelry. Book today for your private event for a captivating journey of resin crafting, where each creation becomes a unique reflection of the artist's vision.

Grab Your Craft Kits Makers - It’s Workshops and Maker Studio Events!

November witnessed a magical month of crafting at our maker events. If you missed out on the enchantment, fear not! December promises to be just as spellbinding with a lineup of workshops and events that will ignite your inspiration and leave you yearning for more. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on upcoming events and workshops.

At Maker Studio Kidz, we are ecstatic to continue nurturing creativity, learning, and artistic expression throughout December and beyond. Join us on this expedition of exploration, discovery, and pure fun as we craft memories together.

Eagerly awaiting the next paint and sip? Sign up here!

Upcoming December Events:

  • 12/01: Holiday event with Creative Communal at Ghirardelli Square

  • 12/02: Holiday event at CAIS School

  • 12/03: Deck the Hall Holiday event at SF Symphony

  • 12/08: Happy Little Paint & Sip with Babe Ross

  • 12/09: Paint & Sip workshop

  • 12/10: Macrame & Sip workshop

  • 12/16: Paint & Sip workshop

Stay tuned for a December filled with creativity, laughter, and endless possibilities. We can't wait to continue creating art and memories with you!

Maker Studio Kidz Team

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Stay inspired, stay creative, and we'll see you at the studio!

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