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Halloween crafts & classes for everyone!

Updated: 3 days ago

The weather is getting colder, leaves are changing colors, and Halloween is just around the corner! We love the change of season especially during this time of the year. Halloween is another fun holiday to DIY and get creative. We had a lot of fun this month getting crafty with all sorts of Halloween art & decorations!

It's fricken bats!

Maybe we are a little batty or these creatures are just so darn cute we couldn't resist crafting bats at our Science of Sound Camp.

Did you know that bats produce sound waves at frequencies above human hearing that is called ultrasound?

We learned all about how bats hear and navigate their communication. After we learned about some rad bat facts we constructed our own bats out of toilet paper tubes, paint, construction paper, and wire. Check out our instagram for our quick DIY video tutorial on how to make this adorable Halloween craft!


Pumpkin collages art class!

At our Unleash Your Inner Pop artist class we created pumpkin collages inspired by the style of Yayoi Kusama who is known for her bold and colorful pop art. We love to create art projects inspired by Kusama's style because it is bright, colorful, and instantly makes us happy when we create it. She also is a powerful influence in mental health awareness which is one of our core values. We enjoy using her art style throughout different themed projects we create during the year.


Spooky Hues for The Super Natural

We hosted a spooky paint and sip earlier this month where guests painted their own tarot card painting.

Our art instructor, Serena Viola helped plan out and customize each person's piece.

We encourage to enjoy the process of creating and to focus less on what the final results.

When we focus on the process it makes the entire experience a lot more fun, and we usually surprise ourselves with our outcomes. Stay tuned and check out our upcoming paint & sip workshops!

Upcoming workshops!

We are excited to host a DIY Trick or Treat Bags and Spooky Slime workshop this Friday 10/28 and Saturday 10/29!

In this workshop we will be making our own Trick or Treat bags to celebrate the holiday in our own custom style. We will also get to create some Spooktacular SLIME on our Slime cart at the studio.

Each guest will leave with 1 DIY Halloween bag and 1 container of 2 oz spooky slime.

We hope to see you there!

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