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Summer of STEM and Sunshine!

Spend your summer exploring and creating! Adventure into nature to discover the wonders of science, challenge your mind to innovate with creative tech, build towers and sculptures with friends, and paint portraits like your Da Vinci! Follow along as we dive into awesome super STEM crafts!

Pollination Craft

Enjoy the sun this summer and spend time outside observing the wonderful colors and creatures that fill our land! Search for beautiful flowers and learn how they are nourished from pollinators that transfer pollen from one plant to another! Have fun making art while learning about science!

What You Will Need:

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Coloring Tools

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Tape/Glue


  1. Begin by grabbing your cardboard and sketching a vase! Allow room above the vase to cut out a large circle from your cardboard

  2. After cutting out the space above your vase, you can use your coloring tools to decorate your vase with fun patterns and designs!

  3. Next, grab your spare cardboard and draw a little bee! Add color onto your design and cut the shape out

  4. Grab your popsicle stick and tape or glue your bee onto the end of it

  5. Have fun taking a walk! Bring your cardboard vase and bee along with you, and look for as many different types of plants and flowers as you can! Place the vase in front of the flowers, and have your bee fly onto a flower - then move on to another plant! Keep an eye out for real bees – and have fun!

Sea Turtle Rescue!

Protect our oceans and wildlife! Have fun recycling old pieces of cardboard and plastic to create a Sea Turtle Rescue game! This craft is a great way to introduce conservation efforts to your little one, while incorporating play and creative expression!

What You Will Need:

  • Recycled materials (cardboard, plastics, plastic nets, etc.)

  • sponge

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Coloring supplies/paint

  • glue/tape

  • Large bucket or deep tray

  • Water


  1. Begin by creating your sea turtle! Get creative with your recycled materials and make your own unique turtle. Be sure to incorporate a sponge, or test your turtle to see if it floats!

  2. Add a design onto your turtle with coloring tools or paint!

  3. When your turtle is dry, fill up your bucket with water and place the turtle inside

  4. Drop in plastic bits like small nets (an avocado net as seen in the video) or water bottle packaging

  5. Find innovative ways to save the turtles! Challenge yourself to remove the plastic with only popsicle sticks - or time yourself to see how fast you can remove all the plastic!

  6. Have fun with this craft, and remember to recycle any materials you can when you're all done with your rescue!

Enchanted Fairy Home

This is the perfect craft to challenge your design and building skills, while creating something beautiful for your home or garden! Explore your imagination and craft a home for fairies and gnomes! Grab some recycled materials, coloring supplies, and watch as your project turns magical!

What You Will Need:

  • Recycled Materials (water bottles, cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc.)

  • Scissors

  • tape/glue

  • Coloring supplies

  • Clay

  • Craft Paper

  • Misc. decorative crafting supplies! (pom poms, gems, etc.)


  1. Begin by selecting the base of your home! This should be one of your recycled pieces that can stand on its own to look like a square, cylinder, or any other shape you want your Fairy Home to be!

  2. Cut the base down to the size you would like, and fold a piece of craft paper to attach a roof onto your structure

  3. Using coloring supplies, decorate your house with a door, windows, and any other features you wish to include

  4. Add on additional elements like pom poms or clay mushrooms!

  5. You're all done - set your home outside in nature for Fairies to visit!

STEM Summer Camps!

Summer kicked off strong with our launch of summer camps! We offer Sewing, Tech, and all things STEM each week with magical themes that allow curiosity and imagination to thrive! Our projects range from brewing wizard potions, to sewing back to school pencil pouches, to 3D Printing awesome keychains, and many other unique and exciting crafts! Sign up for a full week or save a spot for a drop-in day to enjoy making with friends all summer long!

Sign up today to save your spot in one of our upcoming camps! Head to our website to find the perfect fit for you!

Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with all things Maker Studio!

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