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Style, Stickers and Spin Art!

Maker Studio Kidz was so excited to collaborate with AllStickerPrinting for custom stickers for our upcoming maker events.

During this time of year creative events are fairly popular in San Francisco. Maker Studio Kidz had an amazing opportunity to create an art activation with Dreamforce 2022 for Benioff Children’s Hospital annual fundraiser event. The design theme of this year’s event was spin art. Our maker team put on our creative hats and came up with a fun way to create an activation for guests to create spin art.

Rock’in Records Spin Art Activation was invented! We created art on vinyl records using record players as the motion to spin art. This was an absolute hit at the event and it was a really exciting design process to create.

We had to create custom stickers for our vinyl records that had the logo of the company along with a place for guests to write their names.

AllStickerPrinting is a great cheap sticker printing company to work with and they made sure that we were able to get our order on time even with our fast turnaround time.

We also were fortunate enough to collaborate with AllStickerPrinting to receive art paper stickers to use for our future community events to promote Maker Studio Kidz branding.

When they sent us these stickers they were also kind enough to include a sample pack for us to test their variety of quality stickers and have as a material reference.

I immediately added the sticker to my daily notebook when I received them. It is a high quality sticker which reminds me everyday of all the fun making we get to do at Maker Studio Kidz.

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