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Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Artful Adventures at Maker Studio Kidz!

Updated: May 16

As we bring in the new year, Maker Studio Kidz had a heartfelt journey through the twelve months that shaped 2023 into a canvas of creativity.

Join us in this detailed year-end wrap-up as we revisit the highlights of each month, celebrating the camps and workshops that made this past year unforgettable!

January: New Beginnings and Artful Intentions

January kicked off the year with a burst of creativity and new beginnings. Our workshops focused on setting artful intentions for the year ahead.

From vision board crafting to creating dream machines in our MLK Camp, participants embraced the power of art to manifest their dreams & goals for the year.

The studio buzzed with enthusiasm as we painted our visions for the year, setting the tone for the months to come.

February: Valentine’s Calligraphy Class and Makerz Mission to Mars Camp

As love filled the air in February, Maker Studio Kidz hosted a Valentine’s Calligraphy Class, bringing couples, friends, and families together for a day of artistic expression. The studio became a hub of creativity, with participants crafting personalized cards while learning different calligraphy techniques.

Simultaneously, we launched off to space in our STEAM adventure camp Makerz Mission to Marz! We captured the imaginations of young scientists, combining love and learning in a delightful fusion of building our own rover crafts and discovering the science behind space exploration!

March: Joined the Circus and Hosted a Community Art Show

March saw the studio come alive as we transformed the studio into a vibrant STEAM Circus camp. Young minds engaged in hands-on activities that involved learning about the history of circus performers, making their own carnival games, and learning magic tricks! 

Later that month we also proudly hosted a Community Art Show for the local adult artist community in San Francisco. The studio buzzed with creativity as local artists showcased their diverse talents, turning the space into a gallery of inspiration. We celebrated the richness of our creative community, providing a platform for self-expression and connection. We hope to cultivate more events like this in the new year!

April: Glowing Art and Sewing Circles

Creativity truly took on a radiant glow in April where we launched our first Black Light Glowing Art Night workshops. Participants were immersed in the magic of fluorescent neon paints and reactive materials, transforming the studio into a vibrant black light cave of illumination. The dynamic interplay of colors under black light elevated the artistic experience, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that left a lasting impression.

Our studio also became a haven for creativity and camaraderie with our Sewing Circles on Saturdays. A gathering of like-minded individuals, these circles brought together sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels. From beginners mastering the art of stitching to seasoned sewers sharing their expertise, our sewing circles were a tapestry of shared stories and skills.

May: Mother’s Day Macramé and Painting Workshops

May was an amazing month for macramé & painting! In honor of Mother's Day, we collaborated with Decant SF to host a delightful Macramé & Sip event, creating a perfect blend of creativity and celebration. This workshop allowed families to create personalized macramé wall hangs as heartfelt gifts.

Painting was popular in the month of May, with both public and private classes at the studio. Guided by our skilled instructors, attendees dove into the techniques of brushwork, color blending, and composition, unlocking the secrets to bring their visions to life on canvas. From vibrant landscapes to abstract wonders, our painting workshops are a celebration of individuality and self-discovery. 

June: Summer STEAM Camps and Kids’ Art Classes

With the arrival of summer, Maker Studio Kidz transformed into a hub of artistic splendor. June marked the beginning of our summer Art & STEM series. We also kicked off weekly art classes with Ana every Sunday at the studio, offering a creative haven for all throughout the season.

Summer STEAM camps introduced guests to various art mediums, from watercolor painting to building & tinkering. Our variety of camps allowed makers to curate their artistic adventures, choosing from a menu of creative activities. From the Science, Sewing, and Building Camp to the Sew-Cool Sensory Lab Camp,  the studio echoed with the sounds of creativity as summer unfolded into a canvas of unlimited possibilities.

July: A Sew-Cool Summer and Totally Tech Makerz

Makers joined us for a Sew-Cool summer designed for budding fashionistas and aspiring designers, our camp offered a hands-on journey into the world of sewing. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, students participated in the art of stitching, fabric selection, and pattern creation. From crafting stylish accessories to designing their very own garments, each day brought a new opportunity to explore the boundless possibilities of sewing.

Meanwhile, our Totally Tech Makerz were working on making mastermind lands in Roblox! While also learning 3-D printing and circuitry. Totally Tech Makerz also enjoyed collaborating with our Sew-Cool team to create high tech fashion projects together.

August: Studio Murals & Spongebob Paintings

As the summer days waned, the studio walls came alive with a new colorful mural, symbolizing the collective creativity and unity of the Maker Studio Kidz community as we prepared for the academic year ahead.

We also hosted a fun Spongebob Portal Paint Class with our teacher Babe Ross. Students  received a circular canvas and got to paint their very own Spongebob window. It was an engaging creative class to celebrate the end of summer!

September: Fall Foliage and Mixed Media Workshops

With the arrival of fall, the studio embraced the changing colors of nature. Fall foliage painting workshops and leaf-printing sessions captured the essence of the season.

Mixed Media Workshops encouraged participants to experiment with combining various artistic mediums, creating textured and visually captivating artworks. September became a transitional month, mirroring the changing landscape outside our studio walls. We also brought back our family art classes every Sunday complemented by our regular weekly Sewing Circle class for both kids and adults.

October: Fall Magic and Spooky Art Adventures

October cast its spell on Maker Studio Kidz, bringing fall magic and spooky art adventures. Our studio became a realm of enchantment, while we hosted Halloween-themed crafts in our workshops and classes.

We celebrated our studio's 2-year anniversary and threw a vibrant birthday bash art show, inviting all types of artists to showcase their art in the local community.

We hosted a Rise and Shine Paint & Sip featuring Ritual Coffee that added an extra touch of magic to our Sunday mornings. The Sweet Science of Sugar camp added a touch of sweetness to the season, blending science experiments with the joy of fall festivities.

November: Feast & Friends and Collaborative Pop Art Mural

As Thanksgiving break approached, Maker Studio Kidz hosted a Feast and Friends Makerz Camp where makers crafted festive decorations and personalized dioramas that showcased their ideal table settings. They also partaken in creating their own fake cake desserts with their favorite colors!

The collaborative Pop Art Mural with Alta Vista School transformed the school walls into a visual symphony of shared creativity.

November became a month of gratitude, celebrating the artistic abundance and collaborative spirit that defined our community.

December: Festive Camps and a Grand Finale of Events

December arrived with a festive flourish at Maker Studio Kidz. Partnering with Creative Communal, where we hosted a variety of festive crafts at Ghirardelli Square. Guests crafted handmade wreaths, wall hangs, and made their own peppermint slime!

We also got to work with SF Symphony for their holiday fundraiser and create music sheet ornaments, jingle bell wands, and partake in a San Francisco winter wonderland mural.

We wrapped up our frosty year with our Great Wilderness Arctic STEM Adventure camp where students got to learn all about the Arctic and make STEAM related crafts!

Looking Forward to 2024: A Blank Canvas Awaits

As we wrapped up this past year of artful adventures, Maker Studio Kidz looks forward to the blank canvas that 2024 brings.

The coming year promises new camps, workshops, events, and collaborative projects that will continue to spark creativity and bring the joy of making art to the forefront. 

From all of us at Maker Studio Kidz, thank you for being a part of our artistic journey in 2023. Wishing you a new year filled with endless possibilities on the canvas of creativity!

Stay tuned for a year filled with creativity, laughter, and endless possibilities. We can't wait to continue creating art and memories with you!

Maker Studio Kidz Team

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