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Rainbows, Smiley Faces, & Summer Flowers!

Happy Pride Month! 🌈

If there is one thing we absolutely love at Maker Studio Kidz it is making rainbows!

We love coming up with different ideas of how to make rainbow art in a variety of ways.

One of our favorite ways to use our scraps is to make yarn collages! Usually the leftover yarn is from pom pom making. We collect our scraps in a few buckets, draw out a coloring page or we just start piecing together the yarn in whatever way our imagination takes us!

Painting Class at the Studio!

This month we had our beginner's level art class in SF and created a rainbow floral painting with Babe Ross.

We have been hosting our adult paint nights for a few months now and they have been a lot of fun!

The best part about this class is that all you need is to show up with an open-minded attitude. All supplies are provided if you purchase the materials add-on and we provide some refreshments as well.

Our next Paint & Sip will be mid-July!

Smiley Face Candle Making! 😊

Come join us this Saturday June 25th at Maker Studio Kidz and learn to create your own wax smiley face candles at this colorful DIY workshop for all ages!

Each student will walk away with a personalized smiley face candle.

For more information about this workshop, you can sign up here! Smiley Face Candle Making

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