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Fun Summer Camps For Kids In San Francisco

Are you looking for the most creative summer camps in your area? Maker Studio Kidz is going to have the most fun summer camps of the year! We will be experimenting, crafting, and getting messy on our maker STEM adventure camps.

Vibrant colors, textures, and pom poms, oh my!

This DIY kids craft is a crafty tapestry to hang as decor for your room. We made this by selecting our favorite colors, cutting up yarn, learning how to make pom poms, and then constructing all the yarn together to make this awesome art piece!

In our Fab Makers Lab and Sew-Cool Makers summer camp we will be crafting unique projects just like this for you to take home!

What colors would you pick for your yarn tapestry?

Let's make robots!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build your own robot or working machine?

Check out this crafty robot hand that mechanically moves when you pull the strings. The cut up straws allow the robot hand to bend at different joints to mimic a real life hand!

Would you believe us if we said this was made out of only four types of materials?

Join us at our Magical Machine Makers summer camp where we will be building tools from scratch to create magical one-of-a-kind machines. Over the course of the week there will be problem-solving, testing, and iterating the machine-building maker sequence.

To learn more about all of our summer camps we have to offer check out summer camp themes here:

We hope to see you this summer at our exciting STEM summer camps!

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