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We Make Leaning Fun!


Engaging learning activities, and topics designed with relevance, depth and fun to encourage kids on their unique learning paths


By using the language of art and design to communicate math and science concepts, we connect to broader range of learners.


Our approach to teaching is based on immersive learning for kids, which focuses on meeting kids where they're at through unique narratives that break down creative and technical barriers.

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Get to know us!

In 2017, Marissa launched Maker Studio with a successful crowdfunding campaign, to get more girls into STEM fields through a Fashioneering Program.

Maker Studio kids is on a mission to rewrite the STEM narrative to empower creative young minds around the world.  We believe learning should be fun and a social adventure that bridges kids' interests.


Finding that balance between education and fun is our motto. We are on a mission to unearth the inexorable link between creativity and engineering. Our connective curriculum embraces self-expression through a holistic approach to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) learning.


We don’t just teach coding or art, we teach the "art of coding". Kids walk away leaving barriers behind, to fully embrace their love of learning.

Science is curiosity, discovery, and the willingness to explore the unknown

Technology is the tool we use to bring our ideas to life

 Engineering is the process of design. It completes the 2D concept into a real thing

Math turns our imaginations into reality. It's the first process in the ability to MAKE!

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