At Maker Studio Kidz we strive to provide empowerment through knowledge by creating a collaborative and inspiring experience.  Our programs uniquely blends  Art, Textile Science and STEM subjects to create one-of-kind learning experiences.  Our Maker Arts philosphy is at the heart of all our classes.

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Class Descriptions

Loom Lab

Sewing Circle

Mixed-Media Makers

Fiber Arts Explorers

Unleash Your Inner Artist

STEM Makers

Science of Art

Makers Art

Sewing and Textiles

Drop-in Maker Time

Our Maker Arts program is a freeform program encouraging kids and adults to explore their creative passion for the arts, through drawing, painting, collaging, and sculpture. You will walk away with the creative skills to incorporate innovative expression through color, portraiture, and texture.

How It Works:

  • Choose a project from our Maker wall (tote painting, collage, sculpture, etc.)​​

  • Pick your art supplies

  • Learn from the instructor, then let your creativity run wild!

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