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At Maker Studio Kidz we strive to empower students through knowledge by creating a collaborative and inspiring experience. Our programs uniquely blend Art, Textile Science, and STEM to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences. Our Maker Arts philosophy is at the heart of all our classes.

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Classes at the Studio

Sewing & Textile Arts

Grab your passports and embark on a Textile Voyage around the world! In this class we will work on basic sewing projects, fabric manipulation, and experiment with material processes.

Makers & Tinkerers

Put your inventor hats on makers and let’s get ready to build things! In this class, we will explore all things that move, fly, and race!

Sewing Circle

Maker’s Sewing Circle is a beginner sewing class for all ages to learn the art of sewing. This course recurs monthly with new projects and themes each month. Each class will go over machine basics, sewing troubleshooting, and introduce fun creative sewing projects.

The Art of Painting & Drawing

In this class students will explore the process and techniques of painting using a variety of paint mediums, including watercolor, tempera, and acrylic, to unleash their creative imaginations.

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