At Maker Studio Kidz we strive to empower students through knowledge by creating a collaborative and inspiring experience. Our programs uniquely blend Art, Textile Science, and STEM to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences. Our Maker Arts philosophy is at the heart of all our classes.

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Fall Classes at the Studio

Sensory Science Makers

Put on your safety goggles and join our Sensory Science Makers for some messy experiments in our Makers Lab.

Roblox Game Design - Online

In this game design bootcamp course, students will learn the principles of game design, coding, and 3D modeling.

Makers & Tinkerers

Through the process of experimentation and tinkering, students will learn about physics and engineering, all while creating objects that move.

Fiber Arts & Sewing

Students will experiment with materials, processes, and craftsmanship techniques to create unique, usable pieces of art while creating one-of-a-kind yarn art, weaving, and soft sculpture projects.

The Art of Painting & Drawing

In this class students will explore the process and techniques of painting using a variety of paint mediums, including watercolor, tempera, and acrylic, to unleash their creative imaginations.

Community Maker Time

Our Community Maker Time is a freeform program encouraging kids and adults to explore their creativity through a variety of materials and projects. You will walk away with the creative skills and confidence to express your creativity through color, materials, and texture.

How It Works:

  • Choose a project from our Maker Wall (tote design, jewelry making, sculpture, etc.)

  • Pick your supplies

  • Learn from the instructor, then let your creativity run wild!

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