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Maker Camp Counselor

Dare to Lead

The weekly Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program is an intensive, hands-on training experience that gives teen campers valuable insight into the role of a camp counselor.


It can be challenging for parents to engage and schedule camps for our pre-teen and teens during the summer months.  Camp Counselor in training (CIT)  is a perfect middle ground to boost confidence and engage students with a little professional training and responsibility. 

Program Cost:

$300 fee for 1-week CIT program

  • Students can sign up for as many weeks as they want, each week is a different themed camp

Legs in Jeans
On Bikes

 The CIT Program Structure

Counselor-in-training programs are as varied based on interest, skills and CIT tracks. Our first goal is for CIT's to be empowered doing what interests them. CITs spend the summer learning kid-management, content program planning,  and building leadership skills. Here are a few aspects most programs cover: 


Working with kids

  • CITs both observe staff members and work alongside them, learning and practicing how to teach campers new skills, lead them in games or help them create projects.

  • They also have opportunities to support campers during more unstructured parts of the day like breaks or lunch, helping to enrich their camp experience without directly supervising them.

Camp operations and Content Planning

  • Counselors-in-training often get a behind-the-scenes peek at what it takes to run different aspects of camp, pitching in to help with camper check-in, lunch service, office organization and more.

  • For creatively minded kids will assist with our content team coming up with new fun activities.

Leadership skills

  • This category covers a breadth of important skills, including how to give and receive feedback, set and achieve goals, resolve conflict, speak to a large group, lead activities and plan and debrief multi-part events.

Who is a Camp Counselor

A counselor-in-training program can be a good fit for all kinds of kids, but here are a few of the most likely candidates:

  • Loves To Help Others: Most CIT programs offer opportunities to work with younger campers as leaders or mentors, a perfect fit for kids who love taking care of little ones or are interested in learning more about working in education.

  • Ready for responsibility: We are looking for kids ready to build leadership and operations skills while having fun!

  •  Loves camp with Maker Studio and wants to be a part of our team this summer! It’s common for kids who love a particular camp as a camper to want to keep attending it in any capacity. Counselor-in-training programs offer a great way for them to evolve their relationship with a favorite camp and help deliver the experience they fell in love with to a new generation of campers.


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