Sewing & Textile Arts

Our Sewing and Textile Arts Classes (ages 5-13) explore the rich texture, colors and process through fiber arts. We teach kids the fundamentals of 2D design and engineering through a creative approach using sewing, fashion and textiles arts to unleash their creative expression! We offer After school and weekend workshops, rotating through Weaving, Printing & Dyeing, Felting, and Sewing. 

Check out our sewing class options, and if you don't see a time that works for you feel free to request a private class!

Types of Sewing Classes


Fiber Arts + Sewing

Fiber Art Explorer

This class introduce kids to hand sewing, felting, weaving, and mixed media textile techniques. Students will create stuffed animals and create heir own fabrics.


Sewing + Fashion

Sewing Circle

Sewing Circle is our beginner Machine sewing class open to kids ages 7 -13. This course recurs monthly with new projects each month to join in on the fun.


Private Workshops

Private Sewing Lessons

Private Sewing lessons are a great way to learn the art of Sewing 1-on-1. The workshop is curated to your needs with a focus on design and pattern making principles.


Textile +Fiber Arts

Loom Lab

Loom Lab explores the rich history of Fiber Arts through weaving, fiber blending, knitting, and experimenting with natural fabric dyeing for textile design.

Sewing Circle 

Sewing Circle is a beginner sewing class open for all ages to learn the art of sewing. This course recurs monthly with new projects each month.

  • Each class will go over machine basics, sewing troubleshooting

  • Project will introduce new sewing techniques during the course

  • 2-hour class meeting 3 Saturdays a month.