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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day from Maker Studio!

Art by Betye Saar

As a women owned and run business, we strive to uplift the voices of women and girls in whatever they want to achieve- whether it be painting, sewing or creative engineering; we strive to aid and support all their innovative endeavors. Let’s take a look at some women in STEAM who have paved the way for us to continue to encourage girls today!

Suzanne Anker

Suzanne Anker is an artist who loves to explore the connection between science and art. She makes beautiful artworks that are inspired by things she learns from science!

Anker loves to experiment with different materials and techniques to create her art. She often uses living organisms, such as bacteria and plants, to create her unique pieces. She believes that by combining art and science, she can create something truly special that can help people understand the world around them in a new way.

Anker's art can be seen in many museums and galleries around the world. Kids who love science and art can look at her work and be inspired to create their own masterpieces!


Betye Saar

Betye Saar is an artist who combines science, math, and art to make beautiful and thought-provoking artworks. She likes to use things that she finds in everyday life, like old photographs, maps, and even toys, to create her pieces.

Saar also uses geometric shapes and patterns in her artwork, which are things we often find in math and science. She likes to explore the way that different shapes and patterns can fit together to create something new and exciting.

Saar's art can be seen in museums and galleries all around the world. By exploring science, math, and art together in her work, she encourages us to look at the world in a new and creative way.


Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu is an artist who combines science, math, and art to create beautiful and unique pieces. She uses different materials, such as paper, paint, and found objects, to make her artworks.

Mutu often takes inspiration from the natural world, such as plants, animals, and even cells, to create her pieces. She likes to use patterns and shapes, which are things we can find in math and science, to create interesting compositions.

By combining science, math, and art in her work, she shows us that the world around us is full of wonder and possibility, and encourages us to be curious and creative!


It's important to celebrate women in the arts and science because they have made amazing contributions to these fields that often go unnoticed. By recognizing their achievements, we can show young girls that they too can become great scientists, artists, mathematicians, and engineers. We can also help to create a more fair and equal society where everyone has a chance to succeed.

Celebrating women in STEAM is a great way to inspire and motivate the next generation of young women to follow their dreams and make a difference in the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Join us at one of our female led Artivism workshops this month! We will be honoring & educating about inspiring women in STEM & Art throughout this month. We hope to see you there!

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