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October Art Studio Wrap-Up: A Month of Creativity and Fall Magic!

Hello Makerz!

As the vibrant colors of autumn paint the world around us, we're here to bid farewell to October and welcome the cozy November breeze. Maker Studio Kidz is excited to share the highlights of the past month and give you a sneak peek into the creative wonders awaiting you in November. Let's take a journey through our studio's recent adventures and get ready for an art-filled month ahead!

Spectacular Studio Creations!

Our studio continues to be a haven for creativity and innovation, guided by our brilliant Maker Studio Art Instructors. In October, we delved into STEAM-based learning, offering a diverse range of skills such as sewing, building, crafting, painting, and fundamental design concepts. Each week brought forth unique projects that challenged the innovative thinking and artistic abilities of our students.

Current Class Offerings: Sewing Circle every Thursday and Saturday

Our Sewing Circle classes have been a stitch of joy for both kids and adults! Guided by our talented instructors, participants have explored the world of sewing, creating everything from practical items like pencil pouches to whimsical creations like magical stuffed creatures. If you haven't joined our sewing adventures yet, now's the perfect time!

Curious about our studio classes? Click here to discover more and stay tuned for upcoming class offerings.

There’s No Place like Camp!

The excitement of our Sweet Science of Sugar camp lingered into October, with creative adventures and exploration at every turn. From sewing to stop-motion animation to captivating science experiments, our camps provided an immersive journey into the world of STEM. And guess what? The adventure continues into November!

Upcoming Fall Camps:

  • November 10th: Makerz Camp: Science, Building & Sewing

  • November 20-22nd: Feast and Friends Makerz Camp

  • December 18-22nd: Makerz Camp: Arctic Adventure

Secure your spot now for our upcoming Holiday Camps! Sign up here to embark on another thrilling Maker Studio Kidz adventure.

Grab Your Craft Kits Makers - It’s Workshops and Maker Studio Events!

October was a month filled with crafting magic at our maker events. If you missed the excitement, don't worry! November promises to be just as enchanting with a lineup of workshops and events that will leave you inspired and wanting more. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on upcoming events and workshops.

At Maker Studio Kidz, we're thrilled to continue fostering creativity, learning, and artistic expression in November and beyond. Join us on this journey of exploration, discovery, and fun as we create and make memories together.

Can’t wait for the next paint and sip? Sign up here!

Upcoming November Events:

  • 11/11: Paint & Sip workshop

  • 11/17: Happy Little Paint & Sip with Babe Ross

  • 11/18: Paint & Sip workshop

  • 11/19: Rise and Shine Paint & Sip Ft. Ritual Coffee

  • 11/26: Arts & Crafts Class: Family Day

Stay tuned for a November filled with creativity, laughter, and endless possibilities. We can't wait to create art and memories with you!

Maker Studio Kidz Team

Have an idea for a fabulous birthday or want to host a private event? We would love to celebrate with you! ( ( )

Stay inspired, stay creative, and we'll see you at the studio!

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