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Maker’s Sewing Circle is a beginner sewing class open for all ages to learn the art of sewing. This is a 2-hour class meeting every Saturday for the month. This course recurs monthly with new projects and themes to join in on the fun while learning new techniques. Each class will go over machine basics, sewing troubleshooting, and projects will introduce new fun creative sewing projects.

Material Fee of $40

April and May projects :

Spring inspired accessories

Spring is here and it’s time to spice up our wardrobe with some fun spring colors! We will be working on two accessories projects learning how to make a drawstring beach bag and a student let project for the last activity. Over the course of weeks, students will learn the fundamentals of sewing while also completing bags that they will treasure for years and store all their weekend adventures in.

May: Bucket Hat and Tie-dye

During our May sewing circle students will create a student lead project for kids to learn how to design and turn their ideas into reality. The instructor will provide projects options they can choose from. We will also spend some time being extra creative with learning to embellish or tie-dye or projects to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Join Isidoro for our Saturday Sewing Circle class. He’s been sewing since he was 8 years old, inspired by his mother and grandmother growing up. He has 4 decades of sewing experience and is well versed in pattern making, draping, tailoring, corsetry and hand detail work such as lace, beading and his signature custom flower work. He is excited to share his passion for design and sewing with young aspiring designers.

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